Goodbye Allen White

As we say Goodbye Allen White, a new beginning emerges.

Allen spent more than five years spearheading UpSearch’s SQL Server Practice.  When we started working together, Allen resembled a one-man band.  He tuned databases, made sure data was where it was supposed to be and built cubes, all at the same time with a smile.  He was a newer SQL Server MVP, deeply committed to the community.  He was mildly resentful when I asked him to wear suits and ties.

Over the years, Allen matured into a seasoned consultant and built a team.  He became practiced at navigating the divide between developers and DBAs.  He was remarkable at keeping clients’ lights on.  And throughout all the ups and downs, Allen remained absolutely devoted to the SQL Server Community and continued to give me grief about suits and ties.

For those of you that know Allen well, you will understand that he wants to spend more time with the community, on stage and at the pub. His involvement with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus provides the stage.  And with his new position at SQL Sentry, Allen will expand his community reach, and get the pub we could never afford.  SQL Sentry, in turn, is getting a dynamic and talented SQL Server Professional.

Allen’s presence, technical prowess and sense of humor will be missed.  His transition from UpSearch will be effective August 17, 2015, when he starts his new career as SQL Sentry’s Business Development Manager.

Allen’s transition is also a strategic development in the UpSearch – SQL Sentry partnership.  Closer ties between UpSearch and SQL Sentry will drive more value to our clients, which we will explain in future announcements.  This goodbye really is a new beginning in disguise.

Please help us wish Allen White every success in his new endeavors with SQL Sentry.

Shawn Upchurch,
Founder & CEO


We Bid You Adieu

“Since joining UpSearch in 2012 Allen has been a colleague, mentor, and a friend, sharing not only the SQL Practice he started but his home with me during my visits to Cleveland. Allen is widely respected in the SQL Server community which has made it even more special to have had the opportunity to be a part of the UpSearch practice together. It’s been both an honor and a privilege to work with Allen and I wish him the best in his new role with SQL Sentry.” ~Kendal Van Dyke











“It has been an honor to work both for and with Allen these last few years. Allen has been a big part of my professional growth over the years and has always encouraged and inspired me to strive towards greater heights. He is a wonderful teacher, mentor, boss and above all a great friend.” ~Brian Davis




“Was it something I said? It has been a privilege to work with you, for however brief a time. Congratulations and best of luck on this next phase of your career. You will be missed.” ~Colleen Morrow








Team Photo – February 6, 2015

Special Mention

Thank You Cindi White for letting Allen play DBA all these years.


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