What Makes UpSearch Different?

Unlike MSPs or IT Service Providers who take control of your mission-critical data, fail to cross-train your team, and charge for every hour worked, we serve in an advisory capacity. We ensure that your team knows what to do and how to do it, all for a flat fee. Instead of selling high-commission technology products and earning commissions, we charge a flat fee based on the size of your SQL Server estate.

We understand that to survive health crises, natural disasters, and economic downturns, leaders must learn to see, do, and deliver differently. The most successful leaders understand technology, specifically data, underpins the success of any strategy because to know where to go, they need to understand where they are.

We make it easy for your team to discover what’s in your Microsoft SQL Server estate, monitor its health, and respond to changes.

“Leaders always deal with ambiguity. It comes with the job. We don’t just hold titles and sometimes need to make decisions without all the information. As soon as possible, leaders should make data-driven decisions. A more targeted approach to decision-making often requires complex and sophisticated data platforms. We can help you design, build, and maintain the right data platform for your organization.”

Different Required a Refreshing New Approach

Team-Managed and All-Inclusive

We take a team-managed and all-inclusive approach because no one person, or small team, can know everything about your organization’s data. We begin by assessing your entire SQL Server estate and getting a deep understanding of each mission-critical workload, along with your business situation and objectives.

Tailored Insights and Guidance for You

After we assess your entire data estate, you will start to receive customized insights on just about anything related to your SQL Servers. We will meet with you regularly and provide guidance that fosters institutional knowledge and internal know-how. The result is a highly personalized and consistent approach aligned with your goals and needs.

All for a Flat Fee

We serve in an advisory capacity, help organizations navigate compliance, security concerns, and growth, enhance internal controls, simplify risk management, and offer clear SQL Server estate guidance. We believe our active, flexible approach to data management enables you to get expert advice without losing control. We charge a flat fee because we do better when our clients do better, not when they buy more database software.