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SQL Server Health Check Introduction

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Do you have SQL Server problems and don’t know where to turn for help? Then read this SQL Server Health Check Introduction article, and the entire series, to determine if a thorough SQL Server evaluation is right for your situation.

What is a SQL Server Health Check?

SQL Server Health Check Benefits Overview by UpSearch

A SQL Server Health Check is the first step toward resolving SQL Server problems. The service’s goal is to provide insight and actionable next steps. We also include actionable recommendations designed to make your SQL Server environment stable, better performing, and more secure.

UpSearch’s SQL Server Health Check process is a proven methodology. The process has three distinct steps; collect key metrics, analyze your environment, and report findings. We interview key stakeholders, run proprietary scripts, and collect configuration and performance metrics on just about anything that touches SQL Server. As we analyze results, core concerns are identified – not just symptoms. The report includes actionable recommendations that enable you to strategically implement maintenance and scalability measures.

In summary, a SQL Server Health Check is the first step toward understanding and resolving SQL Server problems. UpSearch’s process will give you a clear view of where your issues are along with a plan of action to address them.

This article series continues with a highlight of benefits and process description. If you read this series, you will have a better understanding of how your organization will benefit from a SQL Server Health Check.

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