SQL Server Health Check Benefits

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Do you have SQL Server problems and don’t know where to turn for help? Then this article, SQL Server Health Check Benefits, will help you decide if a thorough SQL Server evaluation is right for your situation.

What are the benefits of a SQL Server Health Check?

SQL Server Health Check Benefits Overview by UpSearch

Previously, we shared a high-level overview in SQL Server Health Check Introduction. Let’s get right to the reason why you are reading this blog series; you want to save time, spend less, reduce risk, and improve performance.

Our experiences taught us that the benefits of a SQL Server Health Check remain consistent regardless of the challenges. You may need a struggling SQL Server to keep up with your growing company. Maybe you recently virtualized and performance hasn’t been the same. Regardless of the problem, you want an expert to tell you what is wrong and specifically how to fix it.

Our deep understanding of SQL Server internals allows us to interpret your configuration and performance metrics. We compare your settings and metrics against our know-how and recommended best practices to produce actionable recommendations customized to your business. What you get is our team’s knowledge working for you, helping you solve your SQL Server problems.

In summary, the benefits of a SQL Server Health Check include;

  • Solve specific problems that waste time and money.
  • Ensure your databases are secure & methodology-compliant to reduce risk.
  • Identify inefficient query patterns & hardware bottlenecks to improve performance.
  • Avoid unnecessary hardware costs by pinpointing server performance issues.

We are eager to help you get more out of Microsoft SQL Server and evaluate whether our services align with your needs.

This article series continues with Step 1: Collect Metrics.

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