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Why does UpSearch require its own Server / Workstation?

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We need to install tools on the workstation you issue our team, such as SQL Server Developer Edition, UpSearch’s PowerShell monitoring scripts or other diagnostic tools. We suggest an independent server or dedicated workstation so that we do not have to install or run said tools directly on your servers. This keeps your servers focused on their task: running SQL Server and allows us a central location where we can work within your environment, rather than having to do individual tasks on individual servers in
Also, when development work or scripts are created for a client, the code will be stored in a GitHub repository, and a clone of that repository should reside in the client environment. The GitHub clone should reside on the UpSearch workstation in that environment since that is where the development work will be done. This allows us to perform development against your data while ensuring that none of your data ever leaves your environment.

The following required packages installed on a dedicated workstation by client or UpSearch:

• SQL Server Developer Edition
• SQL Server Management Studio
• Azure Data Studio
• SQL Server Data Tools
• Internet browser as approved by client security policies
• Visual Studio Code
• GitHub Desktop
• One or more monitoring software components
• Windows PowerShell 5.1
o DBATools Module
o SQL Server Module
o UpSearch PowerShell modules

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