SQL Server License Usage Survey

At UpSearch, we recognize a need for a different approach to SQL Server license usage. Standard inventory tools often fall short in meeting the diverse needs of organizations like yours. In response, we’ve designed this survey to identify current license monitoring practices and challenges faced by organizations relying on Microsoft SQL Server. You’ll find six questions aimed at gauging your organization’s license monitoring efforts against others, providing a snapshot of practices and areas for improvement. Thank you for sharing your insights as we collaborate to enhance how organizations manage their Microsoft SQL Server licenses and risks.

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Organizational Demographics

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How often does your organization proactively monitor SQL Server license usage?
How much time does your team typically spend per SQL Server audit on activities such as discovery, analysis, documentation, and report writing?
Less than 10 hours10-20 hours21-40 hoursMore than 40 hours
Less than 10 hours
10-20 hours
21-40 hours
More than 40 hours
Average amount of time per cycle.
What methods or tools does your team use to discover and track SQL Server installations? (Select one or more) *
Select one or more :
Manual tracking
Select one or more :
Custom-built scripts
Select one or more :
UpSearch's Data Estate Assessment
Select one or more :
Other inventory tools
Select one or more :
Software asset management
Select one or more :
Cloud-based platforms
Select one or more :
Select one or more :
How confident are you in the accuracy of your SQL Server audits and process?
Very confidentSomewhat confidentNeutralNot confidentWe don't audit
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not confident
We don't audit
What challenges do you encounter when trying to figure out what's in your SQL Server environment? (Select all that apply)
Select one or more :
Identifying all installations
Select one or more :
Inconsistent data sources
Select one or more :
Manual processes
Select one or more :
Tracking virtualized/cloud instances
Select one or more :
License compliance tracking
Select one or more :
Select one or more :
How often is your organization out of license compliance after a True-up event?
RarelyOccasionallySometimesFrequentlyNot applicable
Not applicable

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