Transactional SQL Server Replication: Architecture, Setup, and Monitoring


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Transactional SQL Server Replication: Architecture, Setup, and MonitoringAt some point in every DBA’s career they’ll be probably be asked to work with transactional SQL Server replication. While it may seem scary at first, it’s not that complicated once you understand how all the parts and pieces work together. In this session we’ll cover the fundamentals of how transactional replication in SQL Server works, walk through setting up a working replication topology, and learn how to keep an eye on things to make sure everything is working properly.

Session Goals:

  • Understand core concepts of transactional replication including: replication topologies, publishers, distributors, agents, & agent profiles.
  • Learn how to configure a working replication topology
  • Learn how to how to monitor transactional replication performance

Session Level: Beginner

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About the Author

Microsoft SQL Server MVP & Principal Consultant

Kendal Van Dyke

UpSearch Alum Kendal Van Dyke is a database strategist, community advocate, public speaker and blogger. He is passionate about helping leaders use Microsoft's SQL Server to solve complex problems that protect, unlock and optimize data's value.

Since 1999, Kendal has specialized in SQL Server database management solutions and provided IT strategy consulting. Kendal excels at disaster recovery, high availability planning/implementation and debugging/troubleshooting mission critical SQL Server environments.

Kendal Van Dyke served the SQL Server community as Founder and President of MagicPass, the Orlando, FL based chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS). In 2012, Kendal served as a member of the PASS Board of Directors.

Kendal remains active in the SQL Server community as a speaker and blogger. He teaches SQL Server enthusiast and technology leaders how to protect, unlock and optimize data’s value. Since 2008, Kendal has operated a SQL Server focused blog at

Microsoft acknowledged Kendal for his support and outstanding contributions to the SQL Server community by awarding him Microsoft MVP (2011-15). Learn more about Kendal Van Dyke

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UpSearch is a company of data management and analytics experts who enable digital maturity with Microsoft’s technologies. Its mission is to enable every leader to unlock data’s full potential. UpSearch provides full lifecycle support for SQL Server, SQL Server in Azure (IaaS), Azure SQL DB (PaaS), Azure SQL DW (PaaS), Analytics Platform System (APS), and Power BI.

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