The Usual SQL Server SUSPECT: When Good Databases Go Bad


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The Usual SQL Server SUSPECT: When Good Databases Go BadYou just finished patching your SQL Server. After rebooting it, though, some of your databases aren’t coming online. What do you do? In this session we’ll cover some of the various states that a SQL Server database can be in. We’ll look at useful states like OFFLINE and STANDBY, as well as damaged states like SQL Server SUSPECT or RECOVERY_PENDING. You’ll learn how databases get into those states, and the proper techniques to bring your data safely back online.

Session Level: Beginner

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The Usual SQL Server SUSPECT: When Good Databases Go Bad

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About the Author

Data Platform Consultant

David Maxwell

UpSearch Alum David Maxwell is a database strategist, community evangelist and public speaker. He is passionate about helping community and business leaders get the most out of SQL Server.

Since 2000, David has served to protect, unlock and optimize data's value within such diverse environments as healthcare providers, insurance companies, manufacturers and financial institutions.  David has the unique ability to zero in on a complex challenge quickly, and provide a long-term solution that fits both the business needs and budget.

Since 2012, David has maintained a SQL Server focused blog at He is a frequent presenter at local and regional events for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and and works with the Columbus, OH based PASS chapter.

In his free time, David is an avid musician who plays several instruments, as well as a lover of puzzle-based games.

Learn more about David Maxwell at

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UpSearch is a company of data management and analytics experts who enable digital maturity with Microsoft’s technologies. Its mission is to enable every leader to unlock data’s full potential. UpSearch provides full lifecycle support for SQL Server, SQL Server in Azure (IaaS), Azure SQL DB (PaaS), Azure SQL DW (PaaS), Analytics Platform System (APS), and Power BI.

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