SQLSaturday #585 – Boston 2017

SQLSaturday #585 - Boston 2017

UpSearch at SQLSaturday #585

UpSearch proudly supported PASS SQLSaturday #585 – Boston 2017. The event was held February 25, 2017 at Microsoft, 5 Wayside Road, Burlington, Massachusetts, 01803.


Mike Fal presented a pre-con, Introduction to Powershell. This full day session helped build a foundation for learning and using Powershell. You can find more details here.



The UpSearch team supported SQLSaturday #585 – Boston 2017 by presenting:

Intro to Azure SQL Databases by Michael Fal.

SQLSaturday #585 - Boston 2017


Thank you to the New England SQL Server Users Group and Boston Microsoft BI User Group for hosting SQLSaturday #585 – Boston 2017. If you live in the Greater Boston, MA area, consider getting involved with the New England SQL Server Users Group (t) or Boston Microsoft BI User Group.

About PASS SQLSaturday


The PASS SQLSaturday program provides tools and knowledge needed for groups and event leaders to organize and host a free day of training for SQL Server professionals. To learn more about PASS SQL Saturday, visit http://www.sqlsaturday.com/about.aspx.

About UpSearch


UpSearch is a company of data management and analytics experts who enable digital maturity with Microsoft’s technologies. Its mission is to enable every leader to unlock data’s full potential. UpSearch provides full lifecycle support for SQL Server, SQL Server in Azure (IaaS), Azure SQL DB (PaaS), Azure SQL DW (PaaS), Analytics Platform System (APS), and Power BI.

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