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UpSearch at SQLSaturday #303

UpSearch proudly sponsored PASS SQLSaturday #303 – Rochester 2014. The event was held June 21, 2014 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (CIMS Building #78), Rochester, NY 14623.  UpSearch’s Allen White and Kendal Van Dyke volunteered to make four presentations.

Sponsor Raffle Winner

Congratulations Muhammad Nezami and Paychex!

Muhammad Nezami won UpSearch’s sponsor raffle. His organization, Paychex, receives a FREE SQL Server Health Check.


The UpSearch team (pictured left to right: Allen White and Kendal Van Dyke) also support SQLSaturday #303 – Rochester 2014 by volunteering to make four presentations:


SQLSaturday #303 Rochester - June 21 2014 2

Kendal Van Dyke – Automate Your SQL Server Install With Desired State Configuration

Abstract: Desired State Configuration, a new feature of PowerShell version 4, finally delivers on an experience that’s been missing from SQL Server for years: An end-to-end, fully automated installation. From a single standalone instance to a multi-replica AlwaysOn Available Group and everything in between, Desired State Configuration (DSC) is up to the task. In this session you’ll learn how Desired State Configuration works and see first-hand how to leverage it to perform repeatable, error-free SQL Server installations. You’ll return to work never wanting to click Next, Next, Next through an installer wizard again!

Session Level: Intermediate

Kendal Van Dyke – Inspector Insert And The Case Of The Mistaken IDENTITY

Abstract: Think you know everything about working with identity values? Think again – they’re not as straightforward as they seem! Follow along as Inspector Insert discovers the many ways to end up with a case of mistaken identity and learn how to make sure you’re working with the right identity values every time. Attendees will: – Understand how identity columns work – Understand all the ways to return identity values and what factors influence their accuracy. – Learn how to always be sure they’re working with the right identity values in TSQL.

Session Level: Beginner

Allen White – Automate Your ETL Infrastructure with SSIS and PowerShell

Abstract: Much of your ETL process flow consists of packages that are very similar in structure, capturing data from a single source and transferring that to a single destination. Creating the individual packages can be tedious and it’s easy to miss something in the process of generating the same basic package over and again. BI Markup Language makes it easy to build new packages, and PowerShell makes creating the BIML scripts easy. In this session we’ll show you how to use PowerShell to generate dozens of SSIS packages doing similar tasks from a defined set of ETL sources.

Session Level: Intermediate

Allen White – Manage SQLServer Efficiently w/PowerShell Remoting

Abstract: You have more and more servers to manage and less time to accomplish everything. You’re writing scripts to automate those tasks but they still take time to run. PowerShell remoting allows you to manage servers without the overhead of Remote Desktop, and allows you to run processes on all your servers simultaneously. In this session we’ll walk through how PowerShell remoting works, how to set it up, and how you can save time getting things done more quickly.

Session Level: Intermediate

Special Mentions

We appreciate the Rochester SQL Server User Group’s team effort to host SQLSaturday #303 – Rochester 2014. If you live in the Greater Rochester, NY area, consider getting involved with Rochester PASS.

Thanks to Andy Levy () for sharing this picture of the Friday night speaker’s dinner.

SQLSaturday #303 – Rochester 2014 – speaker dinner

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