Do you have SQL Server problems and don’t know where to turn for help? This article is about SQL Server Health Check Step 2: Analyze Results. It was designed to help you decide if a SQL Server audit is right for your organization.

SQL Server Health Check Step 2: Analyze Results

SQL Server Health Check Step 2 Analyze Results by UpSearch

Previously, we explained Step 1: Collect Metrics. Let’s move on to Step 2: Analyze Results.

Once metrics have been collected, UpSearch’s seasoned experts take a team approach to reviewing your environment’s data.  We leverage extensive SQL Server training, real world experiences and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s best practices. This combination of practical know-how allows us to evaluate your systems with a focus on your core issues.

Our analysis targets several key areas:

  • System ConfigurationAnalyze Your Environment
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability Risks
  • Security Gaps
  • Other Concerns

We gather all of these items into a comprehensive list of actions designed to meet your business and continuity objectives, as well as secure, unlock, and protect your database.

In summary, the SQL Server Health Check Step 2: Analyze Results helps us prepare our recommendations exclusively for your SQL Server environment.

This blog series continues with Step 3: Report Findings. At the conclusion of this series, you will have a better understanding of how your organization will benefit from a SQL Server Health Check.

SQL Server Health Check Series

This blog series will help you decide if UpSearch’s SQL Server Health Check is right for your organization. Follow the links below to learn how you can use our assessment to identify and resolve SQL Server problems.

  1. SQL Server Health Check Introduction
  2. SQL Server Health Check Benefits
  3. SQL Server Health Check Process – Step 1
  4. SQL Server Health Check Process – Step 2
  5. SQL Server Health Check Process – Step 3

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