Rob Hudson picRob Hudson is a workplace improvement consultant and President of The Benchmark Partners, the workforce analytics arm of UpSearch. His passion is to embolden leaders to engage dedicated team members and increase their productivity.

Since 1993, Rob has helped leaders navigate through high-level people and operations situations. He has the unique ability to analyze, interpret, simplify and solve complex business issues that accelerates alignment between cultural and human capital. Rob is an established expert in process improvement (Six Sigma Quality Tools), market research and benchmarking.

Rob is committed to helping leaders think more deeply about their connection with team members and alignments between culture and business priorities. Rob’s team measurably improves profitability by helping leaders engage dedicated team members and increase their productivity.

Rob has architected numerous large-scale human capital and workflow analytic projects for organizations >10B in revenue. His team annually evaluates over 7,000 exit interviews using his proprietary gap analysis system. Rob’s vision is to see each client organization operate each of its’ functions with efficiency, effectiveness, and a measurable ROI, resulting in a great workplace for each employee.

Previously, Rob served Hackett Benchmarking, a division of AnswerThink, as Manager of Human Resource and Information Technology benchmark assessments. During his tenure, Rob worked with numerous Fortune 100 “Best Places to Work” to understand how HR investments contributed to organizational success. He has also served as a Process Improvement Consultant for Universal Scheduling Consulting Group and at Ahold he served as Special Project Coordinator.

Rob holds a M.B.A. (Systems Management) and B.A. (Management / Finance) from Baldwin Wallace University.