SQLSaturday #295 – Las Vegas 2014

SQL Server Team - blog - August 2014

UpSearch at SQLSaturday #295

UpSearch proudly participated at PASS SQLSaturday #295 – Las Vegas 2014. The event was held April 5, 2014 at The InNEVation Center, 6795 Edmond St., Las Vegas, NV 89118. UpSearch’s Allen White volunteered to make one presentation.

Allen White made a presentation on how to use PowerShell to efficiently manage SQL Server.

Special Mentions

We appreciate the Las Vegas SQL Server community’s effort to host PASS SQLSaturday #295 – Las Vegas 2014.

About PASS SQLSaturday


The PASS SQLSaturday program provides the tools and knowledge needed for groups and event leaders to organize and host a free day of training for SQL Server professionals. 

At the local event level, SQLSaturday events:

  • Encourage increased membership for the local user group
  • Provide local SQL Server professionals with excellent training and networking opportunities
  • Help develop, grow, and encourage new speakers

To learn more about PASS SQL Saturday visit http://www.sqlsaturday.com/about.aspx.

About UpSearch


UpSearch provides as needed Microsoft SQL Server DBA Services across the globe. We specialize in helping leaders protect, unlock and optimize data’s value.

To learn more about UpSearch visit https://upsearch.com.


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