Mike Fal Awarded Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Mike Fal Awarded Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Berea, OH – October 1, 2016 – Our warmest congratulations to Mike Fal, who has been recognized as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for 2016. The MVP Award is Microsoft’s way of acknowledging and supporting outstanding contributions to the community.

Over the past few years, Mike has been an exceptional contributor to the SQL Server community,” said Shawn Upchurch, Founder & CEO at UpSearch. “He has a real passion for sharing real-world knowledge. Mike has presented at numerous SQL Saturday events throughout North America, local user groups, and notable annual events, such as, PASS Summit and IT/Dev Connections. He is also an active member, and former board member, of the Denver SQL Server User Group.

The SQL Server community is so unique in the technical space. As one of the most open and supportive groups out there, there are contributors from so many different areas of expertise. It’s such a privilege to be able to share my knowledge and I’m glad that I’m able to help strengthen others around me along with the SQL Server community as a whole.” – Michael Fal, SQL Server Consultant

If you would like more information about Michael Fal, connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter, visit his Microsoft MVP profile or follow his blog. For more on how Mike can help you get more out of Microsoft SQL Server and Azure, visit our website.


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