SQL Server Software Currency

Reduce Risks Associated with Running Unsupported Software

In today’s business climate, software currency policies are often considered a luxury reserved for better economic times. But do you know the risks associated with running unsupported software? The following represents the most common risks:

  • Increased costs associated with software maintenance without vendor support
  • Lack of agility resulting from inability to align with changes in business requirements
  • Limited capacity to integrate with up-to-date technologies
  • Limited capacity to maintain unsupported technologies
  • Human errors due to the complexities associated with numerous versions

Hence, software upgrades are usually not a matter of “if,” but rather “when.” So, when the time comes, let us help you avoid common upgrade pitfalls with a SQL Server Software Currency review.

SQL Server Software CurrencyUpSearch can plan and upgrade older versions of SQL Server to keep your databases and applications running supported versions. We can even upgrade your current DTS packages to SSIS and reports to the latest version of SSRS.

Upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server?

Our experience indicates that organizations already using the latest version of SQL Server have unlocked data value by:

  • Achieving scalability, security and support benefits that reduce business disruption.
  • Applying improved analytics and reporting tools to realize greater business insight and faster returns on investment.
  • Reducing development time through technology integration and code reduction.
  • Making data management easier and less complex.

Ready for a Free Consultation?

During our initial conversation, we will:

  • Ask about your SQL Server configuration
  • Discuss your SQL Server Software Currency challenge(s)
  • Answer any questions about Microsoft SQL Server
  • Remember, this consultation is 100% free of charge

Next steps will be identify foundational concerns, not just symptoms with health checks and baseline assessments.

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