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Get The Most Out of SQL Server with Proper Application Architecture

At the core of every application is data. And how well the application meets your company’s needs will largely be determined by the underlying data model. UpSearch offers SQL Server Design & Development expertise to design efficient applications for Microsoft SQL Server can be a daunting challenge.

SQL Server Design and DevelopmentMicrosoft offers many development tools with their SQL Server products, from coding stored procedures to encapsulate your business logic, Integration Services packages to perform your Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes and your data import and export routines, to building reports using the latest tools in Reporting Services. There are so many choices, development tools, database designs, application structures, query designs and interfaces to consider that no “one size fits all” exists.

The right choices depend on your situation’s unique requirements and development team’s skills. And, more than one path forward often exists to create or redesign great performing SQL Server applications. In most cases, you can take a couple different approaches and end up with an application that performs as well.

First Things First

The first thing to consider is whether the application is transactional or more focused on presenting information critical for business decisions.  While these two may seem to be the same thing, mixing the two usually leads to performance that makes no one happy.  Transactional systems have data requirements that need to allow for quick inserts and updates, focused on the individual transaction.  Using highly selective queries to access this data allows for maximum concurrency, and keeping the data rows small allows for the maximum use of memory, which minimizes the need to access the much slower I/O subsystem.  With proper planning this solution also can be designed to be highly scalable, preventing you from having to rewrite the application as the business grows.

Decision oriented systems need to take a much broader look at the data.  They bring in months and even years worth of activity to analyze trends, which provide for the best perspective in making good business decisions.  Using data marts and data warehouses for these applications is more appropriate, so you don’t have these broad queries interfering with the requirements of transactional systems for quick updates.  ETL processes allow for minimally invasive ways to transform the transactional data into data marts and data warehouses, where the decision making systems can gain the broader perspective.

How to Get Started?

If you are developing a new SQL Server application or redesigning an existing one and simply do not have the time or money to try several different approaches to discover which approach is right for your situation, consider the following resources to make a fully informed decision.

Every SQL Server developer should get to know and use what’s available on the Microsoft SQL Server Web site (http://www.microsoft.com/sql/default.asp). This Web site is updated regularly and includes product and service pack announcements, benchmark results, white papers, partner information, and much more. The SQL Server Web site also includes links to the following areas of specific interest to developers:

  • Microsoft’s Support (http://www.microsoft.com/sql/support) includes a Support Newsgroup and the Knowledge Base, a searchable catalog of articles on SQL Server development tips and pitfalls. When you are stuck on a SQL Server problem, the Knowledge Base is usually the best place to look for an answer.
  • SQL Server Developer’s Conference are a means for the SQL Server product team to communicate the latest and greatest information on how to most efficiently develop SQL Server applications and to get feedback about what you would like to see in the product.

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