Get Near Real Time ETL with SQL Server Service Broker


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ETL with SQL Server Service BrokerMost of the time you’ll see SQL Server ETL being done with a tool such as SSIS, but what if you need near-realtime reporting? This session will demonstrate how to keep your data warehouse updated using Service Broker messages from your OLTP database.

Session Level: Intermediate

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Get Near Real Time ETL with SQL Server Service Broker

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About the Author

Microsoft SQL Server MVP and Practice Leader

Allen White

Allen White is an UpSearch Alum and Microsoft SQL Server MVP.  For over 30 years, Allen has specialized in developing applications that manage the movement of data and maximize data's usefulness. Allen excels at communicating highly technical information using language that results in increased client engagement and understanding, regardless of technical competency.

Allen has been working with relational database systems for over 20 years. He has architected database solutions in application areas like retail point-of-sale (POS), POS audit, loss prevention, logistics, school district information management, purchasing and asset inventory and runtime analytics. Allen thrives on providing comprehensive solutions to information management problems across a great variety of application environments.

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UpSearch is a company of data management and analytics experts who enable digital maturity with Microsoft’s technologies. Its mission is to enable every leader to unlock data’s full potential. UpSearch provides full lifecycle support for SQL Server, SQL Server in Azure (IaaS), Azure SQL DB (PaaS), Azure SQL DW (PaaS), Analytics Platform System (APS), and Power BI.

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