Cloud Migration Benefits

The cloud is the hot topic these days.  But are the benefits really worth it?  We wrote Cloud Migration Benefits to share what we learned after migrating numerous clients to the cloud, including our own ISV.  When the time is right for your organization to move to the cloud, we know first hand you can lower total cost of ownership.

Cloud Migration Benefits


What are the benefits of Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration BenefitsPreviously, we shared a high-level overview in Cloud Migration Introduction.  We introduced the three cloud hosting services, noted the subtle mindset change needed to unlock the cloud ‘s benefits and suggested an easy pilot project.

Let’s get right to the point. You want to know why you should move to the cloud.  Its really quite simple – to reduce costs.  Let’s not make this any harder than it needs to be.  You have a a fiduciary responsibility to get it done – for less.

The cloud is cost-effective because you will only pay for what you actually use, with no long-term contracts and little to no initial investment. That is a profound shift from physical infrastructure.

There is Always a But

We’ve grown to understand that if you are not saving money by using the cloud, you’re doing it wrong.  You probably either picked a system that’s not right for the cloud or didn’t build to capacity enough.  The right cloud service fit to your needs will ensure mission critical data remains highly available, optimized, and most importantly secure.

The cloud can be a little tricky.  A subtle mindset change is required to unlock the cloud’s value.  As stated previously, the secret lies in understanding your actual capacity needs.  Think what to move rather than how to move.  The more predictable the system the more likely reduced costs are possible.  A capacity planning expert can help you get concrete numbers sized to fit your unique needs.

UpSearch enables WebSystem3 to expand globally after successful cloud migration

Benefits Beyond Reduced Costs

The cloud offers many benefits in addition to cost savings, including;

  1. Cost-Effective – You pay only for what you use, with no long-term contracts and little to no initial investment
  2. Secure – Robust infrastructure keeps customer data secure and protects against threats
  3. Scalable – Optimizes IT assets based on demand, ensuring the ideal elasticity of your cloud
  4. Flexible – Supports a broad selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices
  5. Faster deployment– Integrated tools and pre-built templates reduce deployment times from days to hours and increase the productivity of your IT professionals

In summary, the cloud has become a viable option to reduce risk, costs and time to deploy.  Regardless of private, public or hybrid cloud, a subtle mindset change is required to unlock the value of digital infrastructure.  Consider engaging a capacity planning expert to get concrete numbers sized to fit your unique needs.

This blog series continues with a highlight of real world experiences. At the conclusion of this series, you will have a better understanding of how your organization will benefit from Cloud Migration.


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